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Royal Ascot London

Photo courtesy Royal Ascot –

Ah, dearest London Perfect readers. I hope you’re holding on to your hats (of the Ascot variety of course) as June promises to be a very busy month. “But why the blogpost in May?!” I hear you cry. Well, June brings certain events that are eagerly anticipated, and to get your tickets you had better book in advance! London has something for everybody in June. The weather is usually glorious and so the bookish types can read in the city parks, those with a penchant for interior décor can compare colour swatches in the sunshine, sports fans can revel in civilized warmth whilst shopaholics can snaffle up a bargain in elegant comfort.

To begin with there’s the London Antiquarian Book Fair Week, June 8-16, which not only incorporates the main Book Fair (heaven for all the bibliophiles out there) at Olympia June 13-15 but also another 8 different fairs. The theme is paper and print. Almost anything on paper or printed is available with maps, photographs and ephemera enjoying their own fairs.

The International Antiquarian Book Fair Olympia London

The International Antiquarian Book Fair, Olympia, June 13 -15, 2013

Running almost alongside the Book Fair is one of the most exciting events in the calendar for those with a penchant for antiques and interior design. It’s the Olympia International Arts and Antiques Fair, June 6-16, and it is HUGE. 32,000 visitors come from all over the world are drawn to the superlative array of fine furniture, objets d’art, jewellery and antiques that 180 internationally renowned dealers and galleries have on display. If you’ve a budget of only £100 to a more substantial £1,000,000 (obviously I fall into the latter category and will be purchasing a Giambologna bronze with my spare change) you simply must go.

Anthea AG - A fine aquamarine and diamond ring with a large central aquamarine circa 1940s 8500 OIAAF

Anthea AG – A fine aquamarine and diamond ring with a large central aquamarine circa 1940s – @OIAAF

If you’re more of a spotter of emerging talent, someone who enjoys a bit of risk, excitement and the occasional gamble then a trip to the New Designer’s Exhibition in Islington is a must. Split into two sections (June 26-29 and July 3-6) this is Britain’s premiere showcase for graduate designers.

Ciara Bowles, Ciara Bowles Contemporary Jewellery, 'Trina Earrings', New Designers 2013, One Year On

Ciara Bowles, Ciara Bowles Contemporary Jewellery, ‘Trina Earrings’, New Designers 2013, One Year On

British design and creative flair is amongst the most sought after in the world, so whatever your passion be it textiles, jewelry and contemporary applied arts (get a ticket for Part 1 of the exhibition) or furniture, architecture and graphic design (Part 2 will be the place for you) you will find the edgiest of examples of here.

New Designers Exhibit London 2013

New Designers Exhibit in London

Speaking of gambling, hold on to your hats and fascinators. It’s almost time for Royal Ascot, June 18-22. This is a magnificent mélange of Royalty, Society, fashion and a good old flutter on the world’s finest ponies. It really is one of the most thrilling gatherings of the season and a chance for the chaps and ladies to revel in sartorial brilliance.

Royal Ascot London

Royal Ascot, one of the most elegant sporting gatherings of the season. Photo courtesy Royal Ascot –

If you’re the sort of sports fan who appreciates the drawn out pleasures of say, tennis, rather than the momentary thunder and adrenalin of a horse race then do consider a day at Wimbledon, June 24-July 7. It’s all very traditional with even the most rebellious of tennis stars looking very smart and trim in the mandatory tennis whites.

Wimbledon London 2013

A classic London experience – catching a tennis game at Wimbledon

Enjoy the tension and tactical finesse of the world’s finest tennis players whilst sipping on a Pimms or champagne and indulging in a punnet of strawberries and clotted cream. Bliss!

Don’t get too comfortable though. There’s shopping to be done. You can’t head back home without at least one new ensemble from the world’s fashion capital. How mortifying if you only went home with one of those dubious souvenir T-shirts. I think a spot of Mulberry, Stella McCartney or maybe some Agent Provocateur (gosh!) is more the thing. Hurry along to Harrods’ summer sale, June 15-July 7. You’ll need some sharp elbows to get through the crowd but, my oh my, won’t that bag / dress / pair of shoes (delete where applicable) be worth the fight?

Summer Accessories at Harrods London

Summer accessories at Harrods in London

Phew! What a busy month. And you’ve not even gone anywhere near a museum yet. Good thing you can put your feet up in a London Perfect pad for a breather before…

…. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..



Zoë F. Willis is a writer and enthusiastic London resident. You can read more about her adventures and creative exploits at


Images courtesy: Royal AscotInternational Antiquarian Book FairOlympia International Arts and Antiques FairNew Designer’s Exhibition, Wimbledon by Tim Schofield, Harrods by Herry Lawford

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