Relax in a London Roof Garden this Summer

A real oasis for the Londoner

A real oasis for the Londoner

When the summer sun hits the London streets, it’s all about trying to find a place of cool and quiet, so the heat and the buzz doesn’t get too much. So how about a garden, open to the public and free of charge right in the heart of central London with a stellar restaurant to boot?

Admire the view from the rooftop

Admire the view from the rooftop

Step on up, indeed climb up high to Kensington Rooftop Gardens. One hundred feet above Kensington High Street you’ll find 1.5 acres of green space with three themed spaces for you to explore. Dive into the Spanish Garden, which is based on the Alhambra in Granada, Spain and has a Moorish feel. The Tudor Garden is filled with evergreen shrubs and fragrant lilies, roses and lavender, and the English Woodland features real flamingos, yes you heard us right, oh and some stunning narcissi and crocuses.

Yes, real Flamingos in this garden

Flamingos in Kensington? But of course!

Take as long as you like to wander round the gardens, and then if you like visit the Babylon Restaurants for lunch, high tea or dinner.

The Gardens are accessible via Derry Street, through a doorway marked ’99 Kensington High Street’. Ring ahead to check opening days and times as the Gardens are frequently used for weddings and private parties.



Megan Donnelly is a writer and former Londoner, currently residing at London-by-Sea, or Brighton as it’s otherwise known. You can read more about her travels at:

(Image Credits: The Gardens by David Hawgood, Window by Tomhannen and Flamingo by Bryce Edwards)

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