Listen Shoppers: One Stop You Must Make is TK Maxx!

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The place to shop for bargains on High Street Kensington

I discovered TK Maxx a few years ago in London, the sister company to the US discount chain TJ Maxx. The US store, including their Home Goods store, has provided me with bargains in clothing and home over the years – but TK Maxx in London is even better!

The TK Maxx chain has expanded to Europe and hit it by storm! Don’t miss a stop here when you’re in London. With a completely separate management and buying group, they approach the European suppliers and designers for overstock bargains, giving them a level of quality you don’t see in TJ Maxx in the US. They hunt for unknown manufacturers in Italy, France, Germany – all over! And it makes a visit to the store an exciting stop.

The TK Maxx on High Street Kensington has 3 floors and is jammed with shoppers from all over Europe picking up bargains. Cadres of employees must work the floors to add more stock and organize the merchandise as buyers pick them over. Always great for a gift or a special bargain — from the classic soaps and lotions from France, Italy and England – you’ll find a huge selection of suitcases because you’ll need one when you finish shopping the designer clothing, scents, Italian silk scarves direct from the famous manufacturers in Italy, an enormous selection of leather handbags, designer sunglasses, foods and coffees and shoes – from Balenciaga and more.

Come along a little shopping trip we made recently to TK Maxx in Kensington!

TK Mazz Discount Shopping in London Colourful scarves

Beautiful scarves in every colour of the rainbow


TKMaxx London Shop Shoes BargainLarge shoe selection

Shoes, shoes, shoes and more shoes!


TKMaxx London Designer shoes shop bargainbalenciaga shoes

These striking Balenciaga heels were marked down from £700 to £249!



Moschino designer heels marked down from £337 to £99


Be beautiful stay rich

Now who can argue with that?


Look for the Gold Label section for the designer labels

Look for the Gold Label section for the designer labels


Beautiful designer dresses and Lingerie

Beautiful designer dresses and Italian lingerie


TKMaxx London Shop Bargain Luxury Cosmetics, scents and gifts

Luxury Cosmetics, lotions and scents make for great gifts


Summer bags in every colour TKMaxx London Shop Bargain

Colourful bags to choose from!


TKMaxx London Shop Beautiful bags in every colour

Beautiful bags in every colour – If you can’t find your handbag here you’ll never find it!


faux snakeskin designer bag sale

A great deal on this designer bag on clearance for £96 marked down from £345


A whole wall of sunglasses at TK Maxx in London

A whole wall of sunglasses at TK Maxx in London


TKMaxx London Shoes luggage bags shop bargains

Tons of luggage – to bring it all home in!


Head to the top floor for the men's section

Head to the top floor for the men’s section

If you’re shopping in the Covent Garden area (and you should be – it’s fabulous!), then you can check out the TK Maxx at 15-17 Long Acre. Lots of wonderful bargains to discover during your shopping adventures in London!

TKMaxx London Covent Garden Longacre

Don’t miss the TK Maxx in Covent Garden, too!

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