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Credit: Daan Roosegaarde

Heard of Lumiere? Kicking off on January 18, 2018 (and running through January 21), the awesome light installation Lumiere Festival is coming back to London, so mark your diary – it’s already in ours. London is well-known for its prolific art culture, from museums to street artists like Banksy and creative pop-up stores; visitors can always find a way to connect with the art world on a trip to the city.

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What is Lumiere?

But, what exactly is Lumiere? In a nutshell, it’s the UK’s largest light festival. It’s produced by a London-based creative company called Artichoke and was originally debuted in Durham, England. This year sees its second London installation.

It’s partly inspired by Fête des lumières in Lyon and in January it will transform the entire city of London with its vivid presence. It’s a totally free event and it typically comprises of a number of light-art installations as well as the illumination of iconic London buildings and locations.


Credit: Visit London

There will be more than 40 UK and international artists and it’s an incredible platform for these artists to get their work seen by hundreds and thousands of people. Westminster Abbey and the National Theatre are the first locations to be revealed and new artworks have also been announced at King’s Cross, the West End and Trafalgar Square.

So what can you expect from the light festival this year? Here are just a few highlights from the festival.

“The Light of the Spirit” by Patrice Warrener at Westminster Abbey


Credit: Matthew Andrews

Returning for the second year, Patrice Warrener is presenting the second installment of “The Light of the Spirit” at Westminster Abbey which was one of the most popular installations from Lumiere London 2016. Discover the Abbey awash with vivid and bright colors to highlight the building’s sculptural details.

“OSC-L” by Ulf Langheinrich at The National Theatre


Credit: Visit London

Hosted in a new venue, German digital artist Ulf Langheinrich transforms the iconic National Theatre into a luminous monument that will be seen across London’s South Bank. The usually concrete, grey, building will be beautifully animated with a series of lights.

“Nightlife” by Lantern Company (UK) in Leicester Square Gardens


Credit: Mark Loudon

Lead artist Jo Pocock and the Lantern Company will turn Leicester Square Gardens into a wonderland of lights. Populated by nocturnal creatures, this secret garden plays on the relationship of wild spaces and urban city life. This is one of our favorites – especially when it’s right in the center of London.

Cirque Bijou’s “Umbrellas”


Credit: Artichoke

It wouldn’t be a light installation in London without the appearance of umbrellas but these are certainly more vibrant than the ones you see used on a daily basis around the city. “Umbrellas” is a choreographed piece starring members of the local community using LED umbrellas, popping up where you least expect it. Watch this space.

Sultry Salisbury.

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