London Apartment Guest Review

for Hornton Apartment

by Helene C, USA

London Apartment Guest Reviews

"We enjoyed our stay SO much, the location was great! We came up with this to tell people what you can do here.

10 reasons why I *HEART* London!

1. Many awesome things to see.
2. A place where history was made.
3. A place filled with knowledge.
4. Never ever boring always something to do.
5. Always learn new things everyday.
6. Many plays you can go to, it's seems like Broadway.
7. Harrods the shopping center of the world definitely huge!
8. You don't have to drive you can walk, that's healthy for the environment.
9. You can go for a walk because you're bored and ten you can be enjoyed by what you see.
10. You can have fun no matter what you do.

We enjoyed our stay so much like I said before. I suggest that you don't think ahead, be in the moment. Thanks London Perfect & Ed!"

Helene C, West Hartford, Conneticut, USA

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