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by Christine McNeal, United States

London Apartment Guest Reviews

"The apartment was perfect for our family of four, two adults and two teenagers. It was clean, well appointed, and very comfortable. For a week it really felt like home. The location was a dream... so close to South Kensington station and situated above the Chanel boutique in a beautiful section of the city. My only criticism would be that the building was under construction so we walked through a paint and plaster filled lobby full of drop clothes and construction equipment every time we left and returned from the building. I completely understand the need for upkeep but it would have been nice if we were informed of this beforehand, especially for the price we paid for the apartment. The only other negative was that it took us almost an hour to get into the apartment after we had a preset appointment for check in. The agent was waiting inside the locked lobby doors while we were waiting outside on the sidewalk with all of our luggage. We tried the intercom and even walked around the block to use a payphone to call her and got no response. We were informed of the proximity to the rail tracks so we were expecting the apartment to be a little noisy. We were in London during a very warm week so we needed to keep the windows open all the time. We got used to the trains and it really wasn't bad at all. Overall, the apartment is beautiful and was worth the price we paid. If I were traveling to London any time soon I would definitely stay here again."

Christine McNeal, Phoenix, Arizona, United States

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