London Apartment Guest Review

for Belgravia Apartment

by Nancy Mitchell, United States

October 2014

London Apartment Guest Reviews

"We had a wonderful time at the Belgravia. It is located in a great part of London with terrific restaurants and plenty to see. All of the sites are close. The apartment itself is spacious and nicely appointed. The decor is not overdone - it feels like being at home. The bathrooms are spacious and the extra toilet and sink in the laundry room were a nice use of space. The master bedroom and bathroom were gorgeous. The kitchen is not huge but has everything you need. The people were friendly too - we met a woman who had lived in the building 52 years who was just delightful and made us feel like we belonged which was special. We only had two issues. First, there was scaffolding on the building because they were fixing the roof. It wasn't really a problem for us and is obviously temporary but there was some noise and you really couldn't leave the windows open. Second, the two other bedrooms are pretty sparse. The beds are comfortable but basic (and short - our son is 6'4" and he didn't fit in the beds in the back). Despite those two issues, we loved the place and would definately go back. London Perfect was also very professional and easy to deal with which matters a lot to us."

Nancy Mitchell, Naperville, Illinois, United States

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