Harrods Summer Sale 2013


Leave it to Harrods to take our breath away. It’s not enough that the summer sales at Harrods are about to launch, but they just had to add a dishy special guest Green Man named Richard to spread the news. Well, now, that’s what we call great marketing! In case you haven’t heard the anxious chatter amongst the streets of London, the Harrods Summer Sale starts on Saturday, June 15th at 9am. There will be a surprise performance by the special guest Green Man to celebrate the launch of the Summer Sale tomorrow morning. So set the alarms early enough to sharpen your elbows and get down to Harrods to get a front row view of the spectacular show … and to score the best deals, too!

If you’re not in London, the show will be live streamed on Harrods.com here. To find out more about the best summer sales in London, visit the TimeOut website.


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